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Welcome to Savu, where the tranquility of the water meets the warmth of a traditional sauna. Our floating saunas are designed for those who live on the water and seek a unique way to unwind and rejuvenate. Docked at your convenience, Savu offers a seamless blend of relaxation and nature.

  • Do I need to register as a boat?
    The Sauna Boat is fully USCG compliant and will be delivered with all necessary paperwork to be easily registered with your state department of motor vehicles. That said, you do not need to register it if you are leaving it on your dock or at anchorage, but consult with your local regulations. It is equipped with life jackets, navigation lights, anchor light, horn and an anchor. We are also happy to do the research for you to ensure your future Sauna boat is fully complaint with local regulations!
  • How does it handle as a boat?
    Great! The boat handles as a standard 20-foot premium pontoon boat does. It is built off re-enforced aluminum pontoons that allow you to beach it or drive it through mildly rough conditions. It is super easy to drive for those that are new to boating!
  • How is the Sauna powered?
    The Sauna is an electric Sauna that runs off the boats outboard motor or a 220v 30 amp shore power cable. We are happy to assist with understanding your shore power, and connecting you with a local technician to upgrade your power if needed.
  • How many people fit in the Sauna?
    6-8 people comfortably.
  • What type of wood do you use?
  • Can I customize the Sauna?
    Absolutely! Our design team traveled around the world trying out all different types of Floating Saunas and believe that we have created a fantastic product, but we are happy to discuss any changes that you would like to receive the product of your dreams!
  • Can I trailer the boat?
    Absolutely! We offer trailers as an option.
  • Can I sauna in the boat on the trailer at my house?
    You may have some jealous neighbors, but other than that you absolutely can!
  • Is it weather resistant?
    Yes, the sauna boat is fine rain, shine, snow or ice.
  • What if I don’t want to Sauna, can I use it as a regular boat?
    Of course, take it out on your evening booze cruise, hang out on the top deck. It’s a boat!
  • Can I take the Sauna boat out at night?
    Yes, the boat comes equipped with required United States Coast Guard night time navigation lights. As always, take care when boating at night and make sure you understand your local waterways.
  • Can the boat be used in both fresh water and salt water?
    Yes! If the boat is being used in salt water, standard engine flushing procedures are recommended to be followed.
  • Can I go on the roof?
    Definitely! The roof is load bearing and there are stairs on the rear of the Sauna to access the roof to lounge or jump off :)
  • Is there maintenance?
    There is the usual maintenance associated with boat, engine and sauna use.
  • Is there a bathroom onboard?
    Yes, we do offer a portable marine head as an option.
  • Can I sleep on the sauna boat?
    If you would like!
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